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This page will be the place for any photos and bits and pieces from the past that don't really fit anywhere else. They are arranged chronologically, going back further in time the further down the page you go.



TOPS and TOADS 'Booze Cruise' 2012

Photos courtesy of Brian Tilley

To see the photos please CLICK HERE


TOPS 2012 'Olympic' Barbecue

To see pictures of this event please Click Here

2010 Disney Party

'Beauty and the Beast' - After Show Disney Party

To see pictures of this party Click Here

2010 'Beastly Barbecue'

'Beauty and the Beast' - Beastly Barbeque

To see photos of this party  Click Here

'Sixties Night Party' - April 2005

To see the photos of this party - Click Here

'Brigadoon' - 2004 - After Show Party at 'Ocean Drive'

2003 - 'Rock Nativity' - again!

2003 - from the Programme

2002 - From the Programme - Cliff Milford Golden Jubilee

2001 'A Family affair'

This photograph appeared in the 2001 programme of 'Hello Dolly'.  The caption read:

Following their appearance in 'Fiddler on the Roof' we are once again delighted to have three generations of the Talented Zaple family in this production.  Barbara and Tony Zaple are Paul's parents and Charlotte' grandparents.

1998 - 'Calamity Jane'



Herald Express - November 1995

Herald Express - August 1994
Herald Express - 29th March 1993

January 1992


Publicity for 'the Dancing Years' - 1992



June 1992 

Matinee Tea - My Fair Lady 1991

1982 - Carnival Float advertising 'white horse inn'

November 1981


From the programme for 'oklahoma!' in 1978

'miss noda 1977'

This is from the programme for 'South Pacific'

'Miss NODA 1976'

This is from the programme for 'Tom Jones'

'The big family show' 1975

This publicity photograph was in taken in during rehearsals for 'The Belle of New York'.

The original caption read:

'There are seven married couples on stage next week and they are pictured here during a rehearsal.  From left to right they are - Brian and Mary Bearne, Ian and Joan Hood, Donald and Jessica Eyre, Roy and Jackie Fenner, Geoff and Ann Read, Michael and Ann Hatcher, and Anthony and Barbara Zaple'.

Society Dinner - 1975



1948 - 'Tom Jones'

This was the Jubilee Year of the Society (50 years) The following two articles were printed in the programme.

1936 - Death of King George V

This appeared as a page in the show that year - 'New Moon'

1932 - Publicity for the Annual Dinner and Dance

'The Yeomen of the Guard' was the show that year.  The cost of the tickets for the Dinner Dance, if you read carefully, was Two Shillings (10p) for members and Half a crown (12 1/2p) for non members.

1921  - a page from 'The Mikado' Programme

At this time the society gave its profits to the Torbay Hospital.  This page from the programme shows a picture of the hospital which was then situated in the building now known as 'Castle Chambers' in Upper Union Street, (above Castle Circus between the Courthouse and the Bowling Alley).

Another page in the programme tells us that the profits from programme sales for the previous years' production of 'The Gondoliers' increased the donation to the Hospital by 'over £20' !!!

1898 - 1932 The Royal Theatre and Opera House

This was the first home of the society's shows. With stalls, circle and balcony it seated 1400 people. It is now the Cinema on Abbey Road.


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